Our Taxation Outsourcing Services :


US Taxation - Personal and Corporate.

With our complete knowledge of Federal and Provincial Income Tax Regulations as well as Corporate Capital Tax, our team continuously analyzes the impact of US Tax Regulations to the business of our clients, enabling our clients to improve their business operations.

Canadian Taxation

Our Corporate Income Tax Services will ensure that your returns are prepared efficiently, accurately and filed on time. We assess strategies and look for opportunities that will minimize your corporate income tax liability by taking advantage of existing and new corporate income tax laws.

Cross Border Taxes - United States - Canada

Taxëvo provides professional cross-border accounting services to ensure taxes are filed properly and on time. Personal Tax, Business Tax, Sales of US Properties, Rental Income and Estate Taxes all require expert handling to ensure the legal minimum taxes are paid.
The US tax system, administered by the IRS, has many complex and different reporting requirements than that of the Canadian system, which is administered by the CRA. Canadians living or working in the United States may find themselves taxed on their "World Income" in both Canada and the U.S.
For Canadians that must deal with these complexities, engaging accounting and tax specialists with expertisie in the taxes systems of both countries may not be an option.

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