How We Protect You :

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    Data and Server Security

    We have virtual desktops and servers maintained in our US data centers only. None of our employees keep the data copy in their local desktops or servers. Our data center providers are fully secured and protected.
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    Employee Background Checks

    We perform complete and thorough background checks of our employees.
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    Facility Security

    Our offices have a secured 24x7 facility with CCTVs. Only authorized employees have access. It is a paperless office. No Printer is available to any staff.
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    Non-Disclosure Agreement

    We ask employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect you and your customers confidential information.

Data Security Is Our #1 Priority

As tax, accounting, and outsourcing professionals, we understand the significance that data security holds for you. That's why our accounting outsourcing team uses only the best of encrypted technology to make sure there are no breaches of your private information.

Signing Non-Disclosure Agreements with every bookkeeper; using 128-bit encrypted servers for storing accounting data and having a paper-less office where bookkeepers work on dual monitor computers are among the several things that we do to maintain security and protect your information. Also, access to our facility is physically restricted to only authorized bookkeepers & accountants.

Our Infrastructure

Our Offices

> Dedicated bandwidth to maintain 24*7 online connectivity. Shared broadband connections to ensure redundancy.

> Access to current versions of accounting and tax software such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, Sage Line 50.

> Easy to use web-interface enables secure access for clients for data management, status check of work and review of billing related information.

> Data is housed in server farms in the US to ensure compliance of US laws.

> Spacious office set-up with modern facilities to ensure optimum productivity.

> Secured data access using encrypted SSL.